is a Great Way for Parents to Let Kids Safely Watch YouTube

It’s a beautiful thing when you make something for one purpose and discover it has other uses you didn’t originally plan for.

Over summer vacation, I spent a lot of time with my son and nieces, who it seemed loved to spend a lot of time as a lot of kids do, on their tablets watching YouTube.

As a parent, I love that my kid loves YouTube, but you also learn quickly that the recommended videos can lead to some… strange places sometimes, which means that you need to keep one eye on what the kids are watching. YouTube has come up with solutions for this like “YouTube Kids” apps which allow kids to browse around in a safer environment but but generally you still don’t know what your kids are going to stumble across and kids themselves might not always find what they want.

myChan proved to be a great solution for kids – when kids are on limited “tablet time”, the auto-curation/play functionality of myChan works great for the kids watching. And for parents, all you need to know is that the channels they are subscribed to and have in their bundles are cool, and then you can let them watch on without needing to worry about where the kids might end up if they browse in the standard YouTube app.

It’s a win-win for nervous parents and YouTube loving kids.

Here’s a bundle we curated of top gaming channels on YouTube. Let us know in the comments if there are any cool ways to use you have discovered, or your favorite curated bundles.


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