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Hey everyone – exciting news! Over the weekend we released a number of new updates that add a lot of cool new features to making it even better.

For example, you said you wanted your account to remember that you like Dark Mode and not force you to choose it on every log in. So now it does that.

You also said you’d like to be able to thumbs up/down videos from the myChan video player, and you can now do that.

You wanted a forward/reverse control on the player from myChan, so we enabled that for you.

Also, you wanted to be able to “select all” on filter search results to let you assign entire sets of filter search results to a bundle, and now you can do that!

When people added many channels to a bundle, some found it hard to keep track of what was included and what wasn’t so channels in bundles now are automatically lined up alphabetically.

We also wanted to make it easier for you not just to organize channels into bundles, but also to go through and “clean up” your subscriptions and be able to easily figure out if any of your subscriptions are no longer active. So, in the main subscription management dashboard, you can now click on any channel name to be able to jump to open up the YouTube channel directly if you need to remember what that channel is. We also show how long it has been since that channel was last updated, so you can tell if a channel is no longer active. And if you see channels you are okay with removing, you can now also do THAT directly from the myChan subscriptions management dashboard.

So now, you can not only curate bundles from the dashboard, but you can also clean up your subscriptions and remove old inactive channels.

There are still some bugs to iron out, and it is possible that the site could require one or two more refreshes to get everything set to exit Beta, but these new features really make myChan the best site for managing and watching subscriptions. Thanks for all your support to make the best way to watch YouTube!


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