The Big Push To Open Launch

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Doing another big push with myChan this weekend.

Thanks to everyone’s feedback, we now have a good list of bugs and changes we need to make that I want to line up and get into development so that is the first thing.

However, I am also now getting a lot of great suggestions both on features people want (like an Android/iOS app), and options for funding the site. At first I was thinking build it simple, have “free tier” and “pro tier” and add features based on how many paying supporters for the site I could get.

However, a number of conversations with people where they keep bringing up ideas like using Kickstarter or Patreon.

The thing is that right now, the site is much more built out that I first planned, and there are lots of cool things, like the additional apps, that I want to have, but I just don’t have the funds to do, and I don’t know if subscriptions will even work and let me do that or not. So now, I could really see a Kickstarter where we set targets based on cost to develop features for launch, including making some “perks” standard features, that could really make this work as a pre-launch thing.

Patreon was another interesting suggestion. I need to pay for hosting for the site, so I need some way to get steady income to cover that each month, and if possible I’d like to keep it ad free, so having Netflix style built in subscriptions, or Amazon Pay was what I had in mind. That said, a lot of YouTubers use Patreon, and of course if it all goes well, I want to go on and build something else next, so the more I think about it, Patreon makes more and more sense – even though they take a pretty brutal commission compared to Amazon and Stripe.

What do you think. Kickstarter? Patreon? Just stick to the plan keeping it barebones with subscriptions? Help me out here – we are super close now and making the site YOU want is how I measure success, so I’d love your ideas on how I can do that for you.


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